US Tubular Lock or EU Mortise Lock?

Do you know what are the differences between European standard Door Lock and US standard Door Lock for residential designs?


  1. Designs and Functionalities

European standard locks tend to offer more variety and options in terms of design and functionality. They often have more advanced features, such as keyless entry, remote control access, and multiple levels of security. In contrast, US standard locks often have a simpler design, with a basic lock and key mechanism.


  1. Mechanism

The main difference between the two standards is the locking mechanism. European door locks generally use a multipoint locking system, which involves multiple locking points in the doorframe (top, bottom, and sides) that engage simultaneously when the key is turned. On the other hand, US door locks typically use a single-point locking system, which involves a latch that extends from the door into the doorframe, latching onto a strike plate.


  1. Installation

The way the locks are installed also differs. European locks require specific cut-outs and recesses in the door and frame, which can be more difficult to install than US locks. US locks, on the other hand, are typically easier to install and require minimum modifications to the door and frame.


We Zuperior Hardware is now combing the advantages of European & US locks to offer you a new option for your interior door DIY plan.

Zuperior Door handles are European structure, fitting the US standard bore 2 1/8’’ , Our customers can install it with either European mortise lock system or US tubular latch system, We do also offer magnetic tubular separately to fulfill the different applications.


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